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Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

We are a group of Registered Psychologists and Registered Clinical Counsellors who are committed to helping people create lasting change in the way they experience their lives and relationships. The primary focus of our work is: relationships, disordered eating, anxiety and depression. We use a results-oriented approach that can help you change behaviours that are holding you back and find ways of living a more fulfilling life.

Through the process of therapy you can:

  • Create more fulfilling relationships in love, work and family
  • Develop ways to handle stress and anxiety
  • Work through issues that are causing you to feel depressed
  • Have a greater sense of enjoyment, satisfaction and meaning in your life
  • Improve intimacy and trust in your love life
  • Learn to communicate with others so you feel heard and understood
  • Overcome addictive behaviours and self-destructive habits
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Learn to love yourself more
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Kerry Moller

Kerry Moller

MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor

My diverse background in counselling, transpersonal psychology, entrepreneurship and coaching results in a unique blend of depth psychology with the practical insights of personal development and goal achievement. I integrate traditional talk therapy methods with expressive arts to help individuals and couples work through issues of stressanxietydepression, relationships and eating disorders.

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Meet the associates

we are a group of Registered Clinical Counsellors and Registered Psychologists who are committed to helping people create lasting change in the way they experience their lives and relationships.

Kristen Dowling
Kristen Dowling
Ph.D., R.Psych.
Marie O'Neill
Marie O'Neill
Thea Green
Thea Green

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Do you often feel sad, worthless, empty, or disconnected from others?

Are you less interested in life and finding yourself avoiding social contact?

Do you have difficulty sleeping or want to sleep too much?

You can overcome depression and live a more meaningful life!

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Is worry taking over your life?

Are you constantly nervous, agitated, irritable, fearful or afraid?

Are you having troubles sleeping or experiencing chronic headaches?

We’ll explore the issues contributing to your stress and anxiety, and help you find new ways of living your life.

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Couples Therapy

Are you struggling to communicate with your partner?

Do you find yourself arguing about the same thing over and over again?

Has having children negatively impacted your relationship?

We look forward to helping you with your relationship concerns.

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Eating Disorders

Is your fear of gaining weight taking over your life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and turning to food to cope?

Do you use food to fill a void in your life?

We are committed to helping you work towards creating a healthier relationship with yourself and your body.

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Children and Youth

Having difficulty soothing your child’s anxiety or irrational fears?

Struggling to connect with your teenaged son/daughter? Fearing that you are losing them to peer pressure, substance abuse, and/or social media?

Unsure of how to use healthy discipline with your children?

Worried with how stress is impacting your child’s development?

We can help to cultivate wellness and resilience in your child!

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Find ways of living a more fulfilling life.

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