Stefanie Krasnow

Introducing Stefanie Krasnow

Hi there, I’m Stefanie. I am currently completing a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Adler University.  As of September 2016, I have been doing my Clinical Practicum at Kerry Moller & Associates, under the supervision of Kerry Moller. Throughout the 2016/2017 year, I will also be conducting research on sexual desire in long-term relationships for my thesis. Outside of Adler, I am pursuing additional training at the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. Beyond the counselling world, I dance with a local performance art collective and am also a Registered Yoga Instructor.  I integrate mindful awareness of the body into my therapeutic approach.

Before coming to the counselling profession, I obtained a BA in Literature & Philosophy (Eastern and Western) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and a MA in Liberal Studies from the New School for Social Research in New York City. After finishing these degrees, I worked as a writer and editor for several years, exploring the intersecting issues affecting the psyche, society and the natural world. More recently, I worked as a researcher exploring the psychology of emotions and Buddhist approaches to working with anxiety, depression, grief and trauma.

My background in creative writing, philosophy, and dance is woven into my counselling approach through a focus on the creativity, the body’s wisdom, and the bigger questions in life. I believe that opportunities for change and transformation often come disguised as crisis in people’s lives, and I believe in the resiliency and ingenuity of the human spirit to overcome these challenges and thrive. I am passionate about helping people free themselves from limiting patterns to discover a deep sense of purpose and connection in their lives.

To ask any further questions, or to make an appointment, please email