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    10 Ways Therapy Can Help

    Our lives are busier, faster-paced, and more stressful than ever before. In the West, most of us are living far away from extended family or isolated from in communities of concern whom, in more traditional societies, would help us navigate life’s transitions and hardships. No wonder therapy is in such…

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  • The Gift of Listening

    We are lucky in our work as counsellors to be given the opportunity to witness and listen to the hopes, struggles and dreams of so many individuals. We hope this video inspires you to give the gift of listening to someone in your own life.

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  • the-space-between-stories

    The Space Between Stories

    So often, our clients come to us during the tumultuous times of transition, where an old story, job, relationship, or way of being has crumbled, and a new path has yet to emerge. It can be challenging to find the patience and steadfastness to sit with the discomfort that arises…

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  • Stefanie Krasnow

    Introducing Stefanie Krasnow

    Hi there, I’m Stefanie. I am currently completing a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Adler University.  As of September 2016, I have been doing my Clinical Practicum at Kerry Moller & Associates, under the supervision of Kerry Moller. Throughout the 2016/2017 year, I will also be conducting research on…

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  • Kerry Moller and Associates

    Welcome to the blog of Kerry Moller & Associates

    Welcome to the blog of Kerry Moller & Associates! We are a group of Registered Clinical Counsellors who are committed to helping people create lasting change in the way they experience their lives and relationships. This post marks the launch of our very own blog. Going forward, we will be…

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