Having difficulty soothing your child’s anxiety or irrational fears?
Struggling to connect with your teenaged son/daughter? Fearing that you are losing them to peer pressure, substance abuse, and/or social media?
Unsure of how to use healthy discipline with your children?
Worried with how stress is impacting your child’s development?

We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. In today’s world, the village is often sparse, if not entirely absent. Parents do the best they can to provide for and guide their children, but often find themselves lacking the tools to tackle bigger issues in their children’s lives such as loss, divorce, challenges at school, bullying, anxiety, depression, or substance misuse. Therapy can help—because often, children and youth feel more comfortable opening up to an un-biased third party.

Opportunities for cultivating wellness and resilience

Children and youth today may be under more pressure than ever before. However, scientific research is now demonstrating that this delicate time in human development—from childhood to late adolescence—is full of opportunities for cultivating resilience that youth can carry with them into the rest of their lives. Problematic habits can be more easily shifted during later childhood and adolescence due to the brain’s incredible capacity for transformation during this period. Moreover, healthy habits acquired during this stage of life can become embedded as inner strengths and resources that your child can rely on as they continue to mature and grow.

Therapy for children and youth can help them:

  • Develop positive coping skills, and tools for wellness and resilience
  • Enrich and deepen peer and family relationships
  • Improve academic performance
  • Regulate stress and anxiety
  • Gain a greater a sense of well-being, and improved confidence

Stephanie Slater - MA, CCC

Stephanie Slater

MA, Canadian Certified Counsellor

If your child, niece, nephew, or family member might benefit from counselling, we invite you to contact our associate, Stephanie Slater, who specializes in working with children, youth, adolescents, and their families.

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