Are you feeling alone in your relationship?
Do you continue to have challenging relationships and find it hard to communicate with your romantic partner, parents, friends or children?
Has the stress of having children overwhelmed you and negatively impacted your relationship?
Are you mourning the loss of a relationship or thinking about ending one?

It’s normal to experience challenges as a couple and not know how to fix it. When our relationships are in distress, they can impact many areas of life and bring up our most painful issues. Healthy relationships are the foundation of our human experience, and emotionally fulfilling connections are vital to mental and physical health.

The counsellors at Kerry Moller and Associates specialize in relationship issues, and use the evidence-based approaches of Emotionally Focused Therapy and John Gottman (author of Seven Principles to Making a Marriage Work) to provide a short-term, structured approach to relationship counselling that really works.

Ultimately couples want to know if they can count on their partner to be there for them and to know they are important and are deeply valued. Partners who are stuck in old patterns often have a hard time communicating with each other, and instead, continue to repeat their negative patterns over and over again. We believe that supportive and nurturing relationships are the foundation of human experience, and emotionally fulfilling connections are vital to our mental and physical health. We are committed to helping couples create emotional safety with each other and dissolve the barriers to closeness and trust.

Whether you want to improve an existing relationship, are unsure about whether to end a relationship, need help with navigating your relationship during or after a divorce, or can’t seem to ever find the right partner, we look forward to helping you with your relationship concerns.

Kerry Moller and Associates

Couples therapy can help you:

  • Communicate so you both feel heard and understood
  • Repair and deepen trust after an affair or betrayal
  • Reignite passion and enhance sexual intimacy
  • Consciously and respectfully go through the process of separation and/or divorce

It is possible to create close, loving relationships that last a lifetime!

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