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10 Ways Therapy Can Help

Our lives are busier, faster-paced, and more stressful than ever before. In the West, most of us are living far away from extended family or isolated from in communities of concern whom, in more traditional societies, would help us navigate life’s transitions and hardships. No wonder therapy is in such high demand!

Contrary to popular assumption, therapy is not simply the mental health analogue to medical treatment. Gestalt therapist Erving Polster once said, “Therapy is too good to be limited to the sick.” We at Kerry Moller & Associates know from experience that it can be useful in many different ways to many different types of people, across the many stages of life.

Here are 10 ways that therapy can be helpful:

  1. How you handle stress and emotions — therapy can teach you how to manage difficult emotions and stressful situations without getting too overwhelmed.
  2. How to reach your goals — it can support effective goal setting, setting you up for success in attaining whatever goals you have for your life.
  3. How to quiet the noise and static in your mind — therapy can provide you with basic mindfulness skills so you can learn to quiet the mind and find your own answers within.
  4. How to uncover your blocks — it can provide insight into the old protective strategies you once used to protect yourself, which can begin to stand in your way.
  5. How to love and be loved — therapy can help you give and receive love in ways that facilitate thriving and mutually empowering relationships.
  6. How to release old pain — it can provide a safe space to work through unresolved hurt, trauma, or grief.
  7. How to say no — therapy can teach you how to set boundaries with others so you can protect your emotional, physical, energetic, and mental space.
  8. How to resolve conflict effectively — therapy can provide you tools that will help you learn your limits, communicate better, and face and resolve conflict.
  9. How to find peace — it can support you to become accepting of who you are, and help you make peace with the realities of life.
  10. How to change and transform — therapy can help you uncover and harness your innate potential for change, growth and transformation.

If you need help or support in any of the above ways, or want to learn more about how we can help you with your particular concerns, feel free to contact one of the therapists at Kerry Moller & Associates!

photo: Kristin Horsman