Homa Papaei, Registered Clinical Counsellor - Vancouver, BC

I believe that each person has the capacity to heal from their past, and create a better life for themselves. I work with clients to to make significant lasting change.

Homa Papaei


I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Masters in Counselling Psychology from University of British Columbia, with a specialization in Vocational Rehabilitation. I am a Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician for the Ministry of Children and Family Development in Surrey, and maintain a Private Practice at Kerry Moller and Associates, working with children, adults and couples.

I believe that each person has the capacity to heal from their past, and create a better life for themselves. Current research shows there is an important neurological connection between our thoughts and behaviours, and I work with clients to rewire the brain to make significant lasting change. Depending on what is most applicable to the client, I use a combination of CBT, Mindfulness, Narrative therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) approaches.

My areas of expertise include: disordered eating, relationships, sleep disruption, trauma, illness/injury recovery, chronic pain, anger management, and working with women in abusive relationships. I also have extensive experience helping children and youth, particularly in the area of overcoming depression and anxiety, as well as helping children heal from witnessing abuse.

I was previously an Eating Disorders Therapist a the Fraser South Eating Disorder Program, and helped many clients and their families in group and individual settings find the root of their symptoms, and work through their challenges relating to food. I also worked as a women’s counsellor at Victim’s Services, and understand how the living with domestic violence, as well as how the criminal court system can affect a person’s metal health and wellbeing.

I am fluent in English, Farsi and Turkish, and have lived in many parts of the world, including various parts of the Middle East and South Asia before moving to Canada. I have a long history of collaborating effectively with indigenous people and have a deep appreciation for their unique perspective and worldview.

Through our work together, you can expect to:

  • Learn self-compassion
  • Overcome debilitating depression
  • Practice skills to calm an anxious mind
  • Learn to have a healthier relationship with food
  • Find ways to better cope with intense emotions
  • Recover from a traumatic past
  • Help your child experience less anxiety and fear

I’m Here

To make an appointment or to ask any questions you might have, please call 604-314-1839 or email me at kerry@kerrymoller.com.