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Couples Therapy

Relationship Counselling in Vancouver

Couples therapy can create more meaningful connections by:

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You can create close, loving relationships that last a lifetime!

Healthy relationships are the foundation of our lives and emotionally fulfilling connections are vital to mental and physical health. All couples experience challenges and some may not know how to begin solving their problems. When our relationships are in distress, they can impact many areas of life and bring up our most painful issues.

Everyone wants to feel supported, heard, respected and valued by their loved ones. But being stuck in old patterns often leads to difficulties communicating and repetitive cycles of negativity. We are committed to helping couples create emotional safety with each other and dissolve the barriers to closeness and trust.

Kerry Moller & Associates’ Emotionally Focused couples counselling services provide a short-term, structured approach to relationship therapy that really works. Research studies have found that 90% of couples show significant improvements after undergoing a process of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Whether you want to improve your relationship or are considering ending it, whether you need help getting closure or even finding the right partner, we look forward helping you with your relationship concerns.

“93 percent of people say that they had more effective tools for dealing with their partnership issues after getting couples counselling.”
You can create lifelong, loving relationships.

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