Depression Treatment and Counselling in Vancouver, BC

Our depression treatment counselling sessions are dedicated to helping you:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Alleviate depressed moods, dark thoughts and suicidal tendencies
  • Enjoy your everyday life
  • Recognize, accept and cope with feelings of sadness
  • Develop healthy relationships and help you overcome social withdrawal
  • Understand the negative patterns that perpetuate your depression and develop plans and strategies to overcome them

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Depression can rob you of your sense of purpose, capacity for love and connection, and ability to work effectively. It can cause you to become overwhelmed with sadness and isolation and make life feel meaningless. Symptoms may include dark moods or suicidal thoughts, insomnia or oversleeping, as well as loss of appetite or using food to fill deep personal sadness. People who are depressed often withdraw from participating in activities that they previously found satisfying, pleasurable, or fun. For those that need help, there’s hope: The Canadian Psychological Association considers psychotherapy to be equally as successful as antidepressant medications in the treatment of depression, with lower dropout rates. The Registered Clinical Counsellors at Kerry Moller & Associates are highly trained and experienced at helping our clients break the cycle of negativity and find fulfilment in their lives and relationships.

During our counselling sessions we work on uncovering and working through the root causes of what’s troubling you, whether they be childhood issues, stress, relationship challenges, past traumas, low self esteem, dysfunctional thoughts or biology. Our holistic approach to therapy allows us to understand a person’s unique situation and work alongside them to treat depression by addressing the factors that are perpetuating a person’s individual symptoms. Our supportive manner of counselling helps ensure that your root causes of depression are overcome, that your negative thought patterns and feelings do not reoccur, and that you can experience deep, long-lasting positive change.

You can live a more fulfilling life. Get started today.