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Struggling to cope with the global pandemic? We’re here to help.

These past few weeks have seen unprecedented change with the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. Many people are suddenly spending the majority of time at home – either in voluntary or mandated quarantine. Trying to adjust to this new reality of global pandemic has had far-reaching effects on people’s emotional, financial and physical health.

In this new reality, many individuals are carrying the burden of the fear of the unknown: how they will pay their bills, keep their businesses alive, help loved ones who are sick, managing social distancing and isolation, among many other concerns. Pre Existing challenges such as phobias, anxiety, challenging relationships with food or other addictions are often exacerbated in stressful times.

Couples and families are finding themselves spending many more hours together and having to adjust to working from home, often with kids in the mix. Once Spring Break is over, there will be new challenges with trying to navigate how to home school our children while juggling the demands of everything else.

At Kerry Moller and Associates, we are offering phone and video-based sessions to support people in navigating this changing reality, and finding peace within uncertainty. We are helping people build resilience to stress, stay grounded, communicate their changing needs to their partner and loved ones and creating structure in their households so that they may find healthier ways to cope.

If you are struggling and need some extra support at this time, we have eight therapists here to help you – just a phone call away.  Please email me at and I would be happy to connect you to a therapist who can help you find your strength and resiliency, and a sense of peace and calm during this “new normal”.

photo: Kristin Horsman